Beers on Tap

Updated Sep 15 2017 06:11 PM
Green beers have been added in the last 48 hours.

Current Tap/Cask List (19)

Abita To Gose
4.2% ABV 13.0 IBU Gose

Abita Brewing Co.
Abita Springs, LA

Ballast Point Manta Ray
8.5% ABV 70.0 IBU Double IPA

Ballast Point Brewing Company
San Diego, CA

Barrio Beached Ale
5.0% ABV 25.0 IBU Blonde Ale

Barrio Brewing Company
Tucson, AZ

Barrio Citrazona
6.3% ABV 68.0 IBU American IPA

Barrio Brewing Company
Tucson, AZ

Barrio Tucson Blonde
4.53% ABV 14.0 IBU Blonde Ale
Pint: $4.50 20 oz: $5.25
Barrio Brewing Company
Tucson, AZ

Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA
6.4% ABV 60.0 IBU American IPA
Pint: $5.00 20 oz: $5.75
Deschutes Brewery
Bend, OR

Dragoon D.A.T. Brown Ale
4.9% ABV 20.0 IBU British Brown Ale

Dragoon Brewing
Tucson, AZ

Elevation 8 Second Kölsch
5.0% ABV 15.0 IBU Kölsch

Elevation Beer Co.
Poncha Springs, CO

Goose Island Green Line
5.0% ABV 30.0 IBU American Pale Ale

Goose Island Beer Co.
Chicago, IL

Lumberyard Diamond Down Lager
5.0% ABV 25.0 IBU International Pale Lager

Lumberyard Brewing Co.
Flagstaff, AZ

New Belgium 1554 Black Lager
5.6% ABV 21.0 IBU Schwarzbier

New Belgium Brewing
Fort Collins, CO

New Belgium Voodoo Ranger 8 Hop Pale Ale
5.5% ABV 35.0 IBU American Pale Ale

New Belgium Brewing
Fort Collins, CO

Ninkasi Dawn Of The Red
7.0% ABV 75.0 IBU Red IPA

Ninkasi Brewing Company
Eugene, OR

Saint Archer IPA
7.0% ABV 66.0 IBU American IPA

Saint Archer Brewing Co.
San Diego, CA

Samuel Adams Octoberfest
5.3% ABV 16.0 IBU Märzen

Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)
Boston, MA

Sun Up Hoppler American Pale Lager
5.0% ABV American Lager

Sun Up Brewing Co.
Phoenix, AZ

THAT Coffee Porter
6.0% ABV Coffee Porter

THAT Brewery
Pine, AZ

Thunder Canyon Sunrise Wheat
5.2% ABV American Wheat Beer

Thunder Canyon Brewery
Tucson, AZ

Uinta Hop Nosh IPA
7.3% ABV 82.0 IBU American IPA

Uinta Brewing Company
Salt Lake City, UT